Love Is Sweet

Country Sunset Engagement Photo | Life Is Sweet As A PeachLove is sweet as a peach.

My husband Russell and I met when we were just kids. We were friends for years before we started dating during our senior year of high school. We made each other laugh, and from an early age discovered that we felt really similarly about what we wanted out of life. I like to describe our meeting and falling in love as something that neither of us knew we needed (or perhaps even wanted, to be totally blunt) but are thankful for with each passing day.

As (perhaps) fate would have it, we had both been accepted to the same large university. After high school graduation, when fall appeared, we packed our bags and took off to college together. In those four years, we grew as individuals and as a couple, especially when life threw a few curveballs our way in the name of major health scares and life changes. The years flew by – we graduated and landed jobs, moved to the big city, bought a house, and kept growing up. After almost a decade of being together, we got hitched. We had a laid-back, fun, country-style wedding, as we tried to reflect our relationship as deeply as possible on that special day.

We love to laugh, take long drives, and are best friends before anything else, which I’ve found is the most important part. Our love story is by no means a fairy tale. You should be in the middle of one of our fights! (Ok, maybe you shouldn’t, I do have a tendency to throw things). But here’s the thing – even if Russell has infuriated me about something, and even when I’m nagging him to absolute death, and we pretty much hate each other – we can look at one another, and someone will crack first, with a smile, a joke, and before we know it we’re laughing. Most times when we’re fighting I really, really hate that, but…you know, I’m also very thankful for it. He loves me when I’m at my worst, and when I probably deserve it the least, and I try to do the same. That’s probably the only reason we’ve lasted this long – because we respect each other, and because making the other happy is most important…to BOTH of us. It wouldn’t work any other way. If that ever changes, we’re in trouble!

I don’t really believe in the notion of perfect love, and if anyone is trying to sell you that, don’t buy it. It’s bull. Love is not perfect because LIFE is not perfect. Love is not EASY, either. It’s hard. It takes a ton of work, even more patience, and you both have to want the same thing at the end of the day.

But, if you’ve got the time, and you’ve got the heart, you may find that love can be very, very sweet. I’d say, it could be sweet as a peach.



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