Easter Brunch Recipes & Ideas

Easter is my favorite holiday to decorate for; brightly-colored Easter eggs, happy bunnies, fresh flowers...there's something inherently wonderful about seeing the first signs of spring after a long and cold winter. There's also the tasty food. I know that coming up with a holiday menu can be a challenge, especially if you eat the same … Continue reading Easter Brunch Recipes & Ideas


Easy Crock-Pot Carnitas Recipe for Cinco de Mayo

True story, kids. Once upon a time, I abhorred spicy food and wouldn't touch Americanized Mexican food with a ten foot pole. Apparently taste buds do change as you grow up. Russ and I went to Mad Mex a few weeks ago, and after getting our food and our bill, lamented that we could have … Continue reading Easy Crock-Pot Carnitas Recipe for Cinco de Mayo

Keeping Deer Away From Your Flowers and Spring Gardening Tips

We've easily done triple the work outside of our house as we have inside, including tearing out all of the existing landscaping and replacing it. As part of our ongoing yard efforts, we've planted hundreds of dollars worth of flowers, shrubs, trees, etc. And each spring, we're rewarded with beautiful blooms outside...and hungry, hungry deer … Continue reading Keeping Deer Away From Your Flowers and Spring Gardening Tips


Simple Spring Cleaning Tips To Make Your Life Easier

It's that time of year again - when you realize how filthy you actually are - and spring clean the heck out of your house. Russell and I scrubbed from top to bottom last weekend, and our house feels so much better! Truly, everything is just refreshed and the dinginess of winter is gone (although … Continue reading Simple Spring Cleaning Tips To Make Your Life Easier


Italian Easter Pie Recipe

This recipe for Italian Easter Pie - also known as Easter Pizza, Ricotta Pie, or Italian Pizza Rustica - has been one of my favorite recipes all my life. The ones you only get to eat once a year always are, right? If you're Italian like me, you are most likely some form of Catholic, … Continue reading Italian Easter Pie Recipe


Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes

Getting married means merging two families into one - and sometimes, those original families may already be comprised of more than one unit, which is the case for Russell and I. We try to alternate who visits on what holiday and sometimes it can be difficult to see everyone you'd love to see. We try … Continue reading Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes


Cheesecake Pudding Berry Parfaits

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and we're having Russell's mom and grandmother down for brunch. I have french toast casserole and an egg, hash brown, ham, and leek casserole in the fridge ready to be baked, and I put together sweet parfaits for dessert. Grandma Pat is a diabetic, so these parfaits - made with sugar-free … Continue reading Cheesecake Pudding Berry Parfaits

pink blooms

Our Front Porch Is Blooming

When we bought our house in 2011, it had been empty for over a year and the landscaping was pretty awful. Everything was overgrown and trying to prune it back would have left us with nothing but bare branches. Following some very helpful advice from our realtor, we let everything go for a year to … Continue reading Our Front Porch Is Blooming


Purple Blooming Tulips

Finally! My tulips have started to bloom. Lovely!


Easter Dinner for Two

Each holiday, the hubs and I end up doing the big marathon to multiple dinners at different family's houses. It doesn't leave a lot of time for us to truly relax and enjoy the holidays, and it seems like each year they get busier and busier. To try to save some holiday cheer for us, … Continue reading Easter Dinner for Two