Beautiful Hydrangea Blooms

These photos were taken in Russell's aunt's yard...can you imagine having your house surrounded by this beauty? What a lucky lady she is (and how much hard work she must put into it!) I was so inspired by her beautiful landscaping.


Remember to Bloom

   Been undoubtedly stressed lately, feeling overwhelmed. Took a breather in our backyard to remind myself...bloom. Even when there's a chance of frost, bloom. 

Harvest Season

This is what I get for complaining all of July and August that it wasn't hot enough out for our tomatoes to ripen. Guess we are going to be canning this weekend!       


We have sunflowers!

We have sunflowers! So excited that they are finally blooming!


Keeping Deer Away From Your Flowers and Spring Gardening Tips

We've easily done triple the work outside of our house as we have inside, including tearing out all of the existing landscaping and replacing it. As part of our ongoing yard efforts, we've planted hundreds of dollars worth of flowers, shrubs, trees, etc. And each spring, we're rewarded with beautiful blooms outside...and hungry, hungry deer … Continue reading Keeping Deer Away From Your Flowers and Spring Gardening Tips


Winter-Proofing Your Plants

Since we've bought our home, we've poured quite a bit of time and money into re-doing our landscaping. (See the before-and-after of our back yard, here). Last winter, the polar vortex almost off'd our azalea bushes, but they've somehow managed to come back. They bloomed late in the summer and then took off growing at … Continue reading Winter-Proofing Your Plants

Southern Charm Flowers | Life Is Sweet as a Peach

Before and After Backyard Makeover

Phew. This has been a long time coming. Three years, precisely. When we first bought our house, it had been empty for over a year, and the once-beautiful yard was a jungle. Overgrown bushes, ivy everywhere, and weeds galore. We couldn't even spend time in our yard for the first two summers we had here … Continue reading Before and After Backyard Makeover

pink blooms

Our Front Porch Is Blooming

When we bought our house in 2011, it had been empty for over a year and the landscaping was pretty awful. Everything was overgrown and trying to prune it back would have left us with nothing but bare branches. Following some very helpful advice from our realtor, we let everything go for a year to … Continue reading Our Front Porch Is Blooming


Spring Has Sprung

Today I feel like bursting into song, ala Disney Princess style - "The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, I'm going to be talking to inanimate objects soon!" (Too late). Anywho... It's absolutely GORGEOUS outside today, which after this winter, is a hugely welcomed break. I was able to enjoy a cup of coffee … Continue reading Spring Has Sprung