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Cheers & Beers to 30 Years Surprise Birthday Party

I told y'all about the surprise summer dates that I had planned for Russell throughout the summer...what I didn't tell you is that they were my cover story! The entire time, I was planning a surprise 30th birthday party for Russ and didn't want him to know. I set up a bunch of other surprise … Continue reading Cheers & Beers to 30 Years Surprise Birthday Party


Sunday Bestie Brunch

Sundays are for al fresco dining - french toast with strawberries, vanilla syrup, and powdered sugar, with cranberry mimosas. And most of all, for catching up with best friends you love like sisters. Hashtag blessed?  

Ahoy It's a Boy Baby Shower Banner and Decorations | Life Is Sweet As A Peach

Ahoy, It’s a Boy! Nautical Baby Shower

With the help of friends, family, and poor recruits who didn't know what they were in for, this past Memorial Day weekend, I hosted a nautical baby shower for my best friends, Rachel and Shayne, who are expecting their first child - a little boy, due to arrive in August. Rachel picked a nautical, under-the-sea theme … Continue reading Ahoy, It’s a Boy! Nautical Baby Shower


Planning a Nautical Baby Shower

Just thought I'd post a sneak peak at the nautical baby shower I'm planning for my bestie, Rachie. It's only two weeks away and I've been really busy putting everything together! But I'm looking forward to it so much, mainly because Rach will be in town! I spent today packing everything up, finishing crafts, and … Continue reading Planning a Nautical Baby Shower


Holiday Traditions & New Year Wishes

Welcome to 2015, everyone! We rang in the new year by watching Back to the Future, and falling asleep way before midnight like the old people that we are. 2016 may be the year we institute the 10 p.m. early celebration time. I hope that all of you had a very happy and safe holiday … Continue reading Holiday Traditions & New Year Wishes


How to Host a Pumpkin Carving Party

Each fall, we host a pumpkin carving party for our friends and family, because I love Halloween, all things autumn, and fall harvest food. I've also learned that not all adults are as willing to dress up in a costume as I am, so an actual Halloween party is more work for them, and a general … Continue reading How to Host a Pumpkin Carving Party


Black, White, and Purple Bridal Shower

My oldest friend, Mallory, is getting married this September, and we recently held her bridal shower. I've known Mallory since 5th grade, and it's amazing to me to think about how we've grown up together, comparing the children we once were to the rebellious teens we thought we were, to the adults we are now. … Continue reading Black, White, and Purple Bridal Shower


Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July, y'all! This is a quickie post because it's almost time for fireworks 😀 We had a cookout today, and I also made a red, white, and blue vanilla berry bundt cake to celebrate the holiday. The glaze totally didn't hold up, but it was tasty anyway, so I didn't care. We … Continue reading Happy 4th of July!


Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes

Getting married means merging two families into one - and sometimes, those original families may already be comprised of more than one unit, which is the case for Russell and I. We try to alternate who visits on what holiday and sometimes it can be difficult to see everyone you'd love to see. We try … Continue reading Mother’s Day Brunch Recipes


Easter Dinner for Two

Each holiday, the hubs and I end up doing the big marathon to multiple dinners at different family's houses. It doesn't leave a lot of time for us to truly relax and enjoy the holidays, and it seems like each year they get busier and busier. To try to save some holiday cheer for us, … Continue reading Easter Dinner for Two