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Cheers & Beers to 30 Years Surprise Birthday Party

I told y'all about the surprise summer dates that I had planned for Russell throughout the summer...what I didn't tell you is that they were my cover story! The entire time, I was planning a surprise 30th birthday party for Russ and didn't want him to know. I set up a bunch of other surprise … Continue reading Cheers & Beers to 30 Years Surprise Birthday Party


2016 Ornament Wreaths

It may only be September, but I am already getting started on the holiday crafting bonanza! I took inventory this past weekend; I have glittery gold, hot pink, blue, purple, and more ornaments in stock, just waiting to be put together for a custom ornament wreath. The most popular request I receive is for rainbow … Continue reading 2016 Ornament Wreaths

Journaling & Planner Fun

I am a complete sucker for stationery - pretty notebooks, printed paper, greeting cards, fancy pens, scrapbook embellishments - and I am a planner. Oh boy, am I a planner. My favorite Christmas present this past year was the planner Russ bought me. (I got a lot of strange looks from family and friends when … Continue reading Journaling & Planner Fun


DIY: Chalkboard Baby Shower Sign

Do y'all remember my bestie Mallory? Well...she's having her first little one, a baby girl! Over the weekend, her sisters hosted a wonderful baby shower for her, which was also a reveal party. I've never actually been to one in person, and let me tell you, they are way more suspenseful and exciting than Facebook makes it … Continue reading DIY: Chalkboard Baby Shower Sign


Etsy Store Updates: Fall Wreaths and Ornament Wreaths

The above gallery illustrates past examples of my work, including custom creations. Images are for reference only; this gallery does not represent items which are currently available. After Labor Day, I enter what is known as "Glitter Madness" season - aka, from September through January, I spend almost all of my free time creating custom floral … Continue reading Etsy Store Updates: Fall Wreaths and Ornament Wreaths


Spaghetti Dinner Sunday & Weekend Fun

It's nearly 10 at night, and I'm just sitting down from a really busy weekend. Whew. Feels good to put my feet up! The weather has FINALLY broken here in Pennsylvania, and it looks like spring might actually arrive soon! It was around 40 degrees and sunny today, and that was just amazing. We spent the … Continue reading Spaghetti Dinner Sunday & Weekend Fun


Introducing Sweet As A Peach on Etsy

I did something kind of cool and kind of big (ok, so awesome and huge would be appropriate) this year. It began in the fall, when I made a few fall wreaths for friends, and blew up right before the holidays. I'm super excited and can't wait to share that... I started my own Etsy … Continue reading Introducing Sweet As A Peach on Etsy


DIY Fall Wreaths

Happy Fall, Y'all! Fall has arrived and it is my absolute FAVORITE season of the year. Think apple cider, fall crafts, crunching leaves, beautiful colors...there's a reason we were married in the fall. I decorate our house for every season, but fall is the best one. (I need to stop buying mercury glass pumpkins, in … Continue reading DIY Fall Wreaths


Hand lettering love

A coworker introduced me to hand-lettering, and this came in the mail today. I'm so excited!


DIY Craft: Child’s Personalized Library Sign

When I found out that my best friend was expecting, I wanted to create something cute for her nursery. Lia has a love of literature, and I know it's a love that will pass on to her daughter, Clare. So with my dad's help (aka, his CNC machine) and my photoshop skills, I created a … Continue reading DIY Craft: Child’s Personalized Library Sign