About | Life Is Sweet As A PeachHi there! I’m Aubrey, a married twenty-something who drinks way too much sweet tea and could probably make a child with a swear jar filthy rich.

Life Is Sweet As A Peach is a personal reflection of my life. I’m no stranger to sour times, but I do believe in at least trying to be grateful for the sweet ones.

I spend my days working in higher education, and at night I try to focus on more creative and personal ventures, such as this blog, snapping a few photographs here and there, and trying to finish the book I’ve been writing on and off for several years now. Sometimes I forget to shower, or eat dinner, but that’s life, right? It’s meant to be an adventure.

I am always up for the challenge of cooking dinner without burning the house down; seeing how many fingers I can accidentally glue together; and planning weekend warrior adventures. You’ll find posts on cooking, crafting, nesting, and fun here. I love the holidays, the changing of the seasons, and entertaining; a lot of my posts revolve around what’s happening in my life at the moment, from baby showers thrown for best friends to bathroom remodels and house projects.

I also believe everyone should create their own traditions. It’s something that is unquestionably important to me, and you may see that reflected in my posts. I have tried to create a life that I can be proud to live. I kid around a lot (with an admittedly somewhat dark sense of humor), and am unfortunately honest to a slight fault. I aim to be authentic and gracious at the same time, and I hope that anyone who stops by Life Is Sweet As A Peach feels welcomed. I want this blog to be a front-porch, lemonade-in-a-mason-jar, rocking-chair, kick-off-your-shoes-and-stay-awhile blog for all of us.

So with that, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you find this place just peachy keen. (I couldn’t resist).

Take care, y’all –



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