Summer Lovin: Peach Tasting Surprise Date

Bistro19 Peach Tasting | Life Is Sweet As A Peach

A few weeks ago, the hubs and I had another surprise summer date at my favorite local restaurant. Bistro19 is where my bridal shower was held, and where Russ and I celebrate every special occasion – each anniversary, birthday, even a good day at work because I don’t believe in looking very hard for reasons to celebrate, haha. The restaurant puts together special tasting menus throughout the year and we’ve always wanted to go, but never quite made it.

This time I put reservations in two months in advance and off we went on a Tuesday evening after work. I thought it was a proper way to spend an August night, eating four delicious courses of peach this and that. The food was incredible. Like an absolute idiot, I forgot to take pictures before we chowed down. But hey, I choose to live first and document life second. I won’t beat myself up too bad for that.

So here’s a cheesy picture of us, instead:

Summer Surprise Date | Life Is Sweet As A Peach

And holy cannoli, does that forsythia need to be trimmed. *le sigh*. Add it to “the list.”

Life has been pretty busy lately (there is a post coming soon about the ultimate summer surprise date – Russell’s surprise 30th party), so I suck at blogging, again. For example, I started this post…three weeks ago. It’s been sitting in the draft queue. I swear this happens every few months, then in my downtime, I get super inspired and start doing blog spirit fingers everywhere.

In retrospect, since summer is pretty much over now, I’m glad I put together these surprise dates. It really made us take pause and see each other in a new light. You have to date your spouse. You absolutely have to make time for it. It was worth the effort of secret planning and then of course, acting out all of the secret plans. There was something charming and silly and dare I say, puppy-love-esque about it all. High school sweetheart summer, indeed.

We are heading off for another adventure this weekend, in what was supposed to be the final surprise of the summer – and a farewell to the season, at that. Here’s to more feet on the dashboard and lovin’ all summer long.





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