Small Bathroom Makeover Update: New Paint

Bathroom Makeover Update: New Paint | Life Is Sweet As A Peach

In late June, Russell and I started planning to take action on renovating our two bathrooms. I wrote a planning post about what I wanted our downstairs bath to end up looking like, and then…that was about all the movement we made for months. Blame my job getting hectic and lots of travel, and there you have it – life got in the way again.

But finally, we have saved enough to make the big purchases for the downstairs bath: a new toilet, a sink that actually fits in the small space, paint, a shiny new medicine cabinet, etc. We recently began work on transforming the space, and started by covering up the ugly split pea green paint.

Picking a paint color and using the color wheel

I wanted a peachy/pink paint that complemented the weird peachy/pink/brown tile of the shower and the pink tile on the floor, since we wouldn’t be removing it. Look at the picture on the left, above; the tile is very pink in that photo. Now look to the photo on the right; the tile is almost tan! We didn’t touch the tile, only painted! This is a crazy change for me to witness, how the color of the walls is reflecting differently on the tile and making it look an entirely different color than it is.

When I was testing paint colors, I painted straight on the green paint instead of priming first, because I’m lazy. You know what color neutralizes red? Green. So when I painted the perfect shade of blush paint over green, it came out the exact peach shade I wanted. When I painted it over a freshly primed wall, it came out significantly more pink. I don’t hate it, but I thought it matched the tile perfectly. Turns out, it does not.

The difference is probably insignificant (I’m not sure Russell can see the shade variations) but it’s certainly frustrating. I’m not sure I have it in me to find another color that will actually turn out peach on the walls. As it is, we need another coat of paint. One coat of primer and two coats of paint didn’t completely cover up that green. We haven’t touched one green wall yet (it will be the navy wall when we’re done) so I’m hopeful that the navy will reflect on the pink more accurately. Maybe the whole bathroom will look purple?

Bathroom Paint Project | Life Is Sweet As A Peach

New blush wall against the still-green medicine cabinet wall, for comparison. You can see where we still need to do a third coat of paint, since it didn’t completely cover the green. It’s bleeding through.

Bathroom Paint Project | Life Is Sweet As A Peach

I chose “Tea Rose” paint by Ralph Lauren, and then we had it color matched to a Behr base because we usually like the quality of Behr paint. I also wasn’t the one who slopped on the ceiling *cough* Russell *cough*.

Overall, I think the new paint job looks a million times better than that green paint. The biggest improvement I’ve noticed is that the blush pink paint is smoother on the walls because the green paint was flat, which is a no-no for a bathroom. You definitely want a satin finish at least, to help prevent moisture and for easier wipe-downs.

I just hope that when we’re done with this bathroom, it comes out looking like I chose the blush paint and vintage accents on purpose, with the intention of the room being vintage glam, and NOT a bathroom that someone thinks has looked this way since the 1950s. Wouldn’t that be the sticker? That I make the bathroom look WORSE? haha. Let’s hope not.

Our goal is to have this done by Thanksgiving/for the holidays, so hopefully we keep moving forward over the next few weeks and I have more updates to share. Sorry that the pictures are so awkward! The bathroom is so small, you really can’t get in there to take snapshots…expect a shot of me standing on a toilet soon. 😉


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