Fall Weekend Fun

I’m currently enjoying the perfect Sunday – curled up on the couch with my feet up, watching football, and relaxing after having one of the most full and fun weekends I’ve had in awhile. Truth be told, I have not been feeling very well lately (Crohn’s decided it was going to flare on me), and seeing so many friends and family members this weekend was the pick-me-up I needed. I feel refreshed.

I also ate so badly, and drank too much. I’m sure I’ll be paying for that soon, but it was worth every second. Exhibits A and B:

Oktoberfest special at a local brewery - beer cheese and pretzels, and chicken and waffles at Piper's Pub. My poor stomach hates me today.

Oktoberfest special at a local brewery – beer cheese and pretzels. Followed by chicken and waffles at Piper’s Pub. My poor stomach hates me after this weekend.

On Friday, we met up after work with our friends Ben and Jess (who just bought a beautiful home together – congratulations!). Russell, Ben, and I went to high school together, and we haven’t seen them since we had our 10 year reunion in June. We went to a local place specializing in Belgian beer and running Oktoberfest specials, and just sat for a few hours and talked. I had such a nice time and I hope we start hanging out more often; Ben and Jess are two insightful, courteous, and kind people who reflect the best in one another, and it was a joy to spend a few hours with them.

Saturday was a stunning fall day with absolutely perfect weather – sunshine and clear skies. Russ and I woke up and went to our town’s Artists Market, a festival that takes place once a year. I found my new favorite local artist! Kathryn Carr is a paper artist and she makes the most amazing whimsical creations. I bought a copy of this print, which I can’t wait to hang:

“Making Cider” by Kathryn Carr

From the festival, we went to another Oktoberfest party at a brewery with Russell’s family. It was my sister-in-law Deanna’s idea, and it was awesome. We sat out until it was dark, eating and drinking and catching up. I think this particular group of people needed to get together and have some fun; I smell a tradition brewing.

Also, I thought my outfit was on-point for Saturday and so I’m shamelessly plugging a selfie here. Ever felt like crap every day recently and needed to feel cute? That was me Saturday.

Plus Size Fall Outfit

Today, I woke up early and went to Vessel Studio Glass to create my own glass pumpkin! I’ve wanted to go to a glass blowing/making class for a long time and finally did it with my best pal Mal. In roughly 30 minutes, a glass artist helps you create a perfect pumpkin. I chose a purple pumpkin with a black/silver stem. I can’t wait to post pictures in a few days!

I know this isn’t the kind of post I normally write, but I am feeling very grateful for the people I saw this week, the conversations and laughter that were had, and that I was feeling well enough to do it all. Sometimes each day can be a battle, but today I think I won. 🙂 Happy Sunday, all.



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