Etsy Store Updates: Fall Wreaths and Ornament Wreaths

The above gallery illustrates past examples of my work, including custom creations. Images are for reference only; this gallery does not represent items which are currently available.

After Labor Day, I enter what is known as “Glitter Madness” season – aka, from September through January, I spend almost all of my free time creating custom floral and ornament wreaths for customers. Russell has just accepted the fact that my craft table gets semi-permanently placed in front of the TV for several weekends in a row, and that glitter will be in the cracks of our hardwood floors forevermore.

I did inventory this weekend and am now ready for this year’s “craftactular” season. I do have a ready-to-go fall floral posted in my Etsy shop, as well as a Pittsburgh-themed ornament wreath, so please check those out if you’re interested in something that’s already made and ready to ship.

Custom Orders and Coupon Offer

I am looking to take custom orders for ornament wreaths now through October 15. If you purchase a custom order (which I will set up for you as a separate listing) before October 15, I will give you a coupon code for $15 off your total order. These ornament wreaths make great gifts for friends and family for the holidays, or gift yourself and add a little sparkle to your home.

These are the standard colors I currently have in stock; please convo me via Etsy if you’d like something more unique!

Ornament Colors


You can check out my Etsy shop for official reviews, but below are two testimonials I’ve received via private conversations that I’d like to share. Customer information has been edited out to protect privacy. 

Life Is Sweet As A Peach Etsy Review 2

Life Is Sweet As A Peach Etsy Review 1

I truly enjoy making these ornament wreaths, and happy customers make my day. There’s nothing like getting a nice message telling you that your craft is appreciated. Creating these wreaths also puts me in the holiday spirit! I have no other excuse to bust out the holiday decorations early otherwise. 🙂

If you are interested in your own custom creation, I would be more than happy to chat. Please convo me on Etsy to talk! I look forward to seeing what unique combinations you guys and gals can come up with, and am happy to lend my own thought to the creative process. Looking forward to chatting!


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