Downtown Boston Sunset | Life Is Sweet As A Peach

Business Trip to Boston

Through my real, actual, grown-up job as a digital communications manager at a university, I recently was afforded the opportunity to take a business trip to attend Google Analytics training (boo ya, numbers and data and technical stuff). Our best friends, Rachel and Shayne – the matron of honor and best man at our wedding – live in Boston, so I chose Beantown as the city to attend training in. I was in Boston all last week, having my brain implode, spending quality time with my besties, and shivering because apparently, Mother Nature North hasn’t yet gotten the memo that winter is OVER.

We only get to see Rachel and Shayne in person once or twice a year, so I was pretty excited to come up north and spend some quality time together. Russell came with me for a few days, too. He spent the days exploring and having fun being a tourist while I was inside learning, learning, learning.

I actually tried writing this post – and several others – throughout the week, but the training was pretty intense and I had to focus on it over this blog. So bear with me while I do a cheesy recap

Downtown Boston Sunset | Life Is Sweet As A Peach

This was the view from my hotel room at The Revere – it did rain most of the time I was in Boston but I did see one gorgeous sunset! Glad I brought my camera!.

SweetCheeksQ Food | Life Is Sweet As A Peach

From the top, left: southern fried chicken; ranch BBQ baked beans; broccoli cheese casserole; salt and pepper potatoes; the best biscuits and honey butter you’ll ever eat; and beef brisket. The food at SweetCheeksQ is mouthwatering, stuff your gut, your pants won’t fit after you’re done, good.

We flew up on Easter weekend (hence the lack of Easter dinner/decorations posts around these parts, we pretty much skipped it this year) and instead created a new Easter tradition of going to my favorite restaurant in Boston – SweetCheeksQ. We all know I love BBQ and wish I was a southern gal instead of a damn yankee, so I will never ever pass up the opportunity for BBQ and comfort food. And I know it’s in Boston, but I’m telling you, SweetCheeksQ has the BEST biscuits, ever. Rachel and Shayne are going to need to go there now every Easter, I demand it. As well as send me care packages of biscuits and honey butter. Soooo good. They also have these deep-fried salt and pepper potatoes that I want to try to recreate at home.

I also got laughed at in training for telling someone to go to dinner here, but whatever. Haters gonna hate.

Fun at SweetCheeksBBQ - Life Is Sweet As A Peach

Shayne and Russell, left; me and Rach on the right.

During the weekend, we also drove down the coast to eat at Wahlburgers, because Russell is a huge fan of the show. The milkshakes (or frappes) are pretty good, though I think we’ve got some similar restaurants back home that serve them up just as well. I had a bacon cheeseburger and it was pretty darn good. The burgers don’t come with sides, and we all ordered one – note, you can definitely share. The waitress didn’t tell us that and I shoveled a way-too-big order of macaroni salad in my mouth.

The highlight, however, is that Paul ran across the street in front of us while we were searching for parking. The restaurant was packed and we definitely would not have seen him otherwise; it was kind of cool, though I felt like a total stalker (even though we weren’t even on the lookout).

Wahlburgers Food | Life Is Sweet As A Peach

There were also crazy wind warnings that day, and we had a hard time being outside without being blown over. We stopped to take some pictures, because it was sunny and beautiful, and I was sandblasted. Literally, sand blew into my teeth. Most uncomfortable feeling ever. We’ve never actually been to Boston to visit when the weather was behaving, so I’m not too surprised.

Boston Seashore | Life Is Sweet As A Peach

I really do wish I had more time to explore on my own, take more pictures, and see the sights. But the training was all day, every day, and with the rainy/cold weather, I wasn’t feeling up for it at night. We’ll just have to go back and spend more time with our friends…

Which won’t be hard to do in the future, because Rachel is five months pregnant. 🙂 Our besties are expecting a little boy in August, the day before Russell’s birthday, as a matter of fact. I’m currently planning Rachel’s baby shower to be held in May, so stay posted for more party plans!

I’m glad to be home, in my own bed (I’m allergic to…everything, including goose down feather pillows, apparently, because I sneezed all night, every night – no sleep for me). It’s going to be crazy going back to work tomorrow after “being off” for a week, but here’s to hoping for a stress-free week!



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