Fun and Cozy Christmas Decorations

Cozy Christmas Decorations | Sweet As A Peach

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! This year, we decided to do both fun, brightly-colored Christmas decorations, and  cozy, woodland decorations. I’m so happy with the way our house looks this time of year!

Fun Christmas Wall Decorations | Sweet As A Peach

A mixture of vibrant colors, birdies, a neon reindeer, and my favorite wrapping paper (covering a large canvas photo that hangs above our couch) allows half of our living room to be cheerful and bright. I placed epson salt in glass hurricanes and filled the rest with mini ornaments. The little blue birdie candles are from our wedding, and my blue reindeer came from Target a few years ago. I rotate out throw pillows on our couch, depending on the season, and our winter ones are my favorite. They’re the softest! These came from HomeGoods and Target, because I feel less guilty about my obsession when the cost is cheaper.

Christmas Dining Room Decorations | Sweet As A Peach

I carried the cheerful theme into our dining room – and look at this, the first photo showing off our new paint job! We took time before Thanksgiving to paint, going from a very yellow ivory to a “greige” – a color that is both gray and beige, depending on which light is reflecting in. I love it so far. It’s the perfect neutral, and made my great-grandmother’s walnut-colored furniture pop. I made the large ornament wreath myself, and since I’ve made no less than six ornament wreaths this year (see my Etsy store if you’re interested), I have A LOT of leftover baubles. I bought this pretty glass bowl at TJ Maxx a few months ago, and when filled with extra colorful ornaments, it sets our table up perfectly.

Although I love fun holiday decorations, my favorites are the sentimental ones. After we got engaged, we began collecting at least one ornament a year from a special place we travel to together. It started because we got engaged on Dec. 3, and our bestie Mallory got us a congratulatory ornament, which was very pink, very blingy, and very perfect. We thought it was so sweet that we wanted to keep it up, and now have ornaments from Banff, Savannah, Gatlinburg, Destin, Hilton Head Island, and of course, the standard “Firsts” – house, anniversary, Christmas a married couple, etc. We display these on their own ornament tree, and it’s my favorite part of decorating. Each piece is so sentimental, and I’m glad that we’ve built this tradition together.

Christmas Traditions | Sweet As A Peach

And finally, our ceramic Christmas tree. Both of our families had one of these growing up, and when we saw one at a craft show in Gatlinburg, I scooped it right up. For us, this tree is the one (single best?) tradition we’ve carried into our married life from our families.

I’m so happy with how fun, charming, and cozy our house feels at Christmas-time, and most of all, how it’s ours. Having our home means a great deal to me, more than I probably ever talk about, and during the holidays is when I’m most thankful. Now all we need is the pitter-patter of little feet! 😉

I would love to hear about your favorite Christmas traditions! I’m sure I”ll have another post soon on just the food alone. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and may all of you have a very blessed New Year!



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