DIY Fall Wreaths

DIY Fall Wreath For Sale | Sweet As a Peach

This hand-crafted fall grapevine wreath is for sale! Made with burlap hydrangea, roses, and rust-colored sunflowers, this wreath is perfect for a fall front door. This wreath also features a little sparkle with beaded branches. Sprayed with protectant for outdoor use. For sale, $55 – will ship!

Happy Fall, Y’all!

Fall has arrived and it is my absolute FAVORITE season of the year. Think apple cider, fall crafts, crunching leaves, beautiful colors…there’s a reason we were married in the fall.

I decorate our house for every season, but fall is the best one. (I need to stop buying mercury glass pumpkins, in all honesty, because I think we have too many…and I will never admit to my husband that I wrote that). I have a large grapevine wreath that I recreate every year and hang on the outside of our house. After posting a picture on Instagram, a few friends requested that I make wreaths for them as well. Commence operation create fall wreaths!

I bought all of these supplies at Michael’s, while they were on sale, and I used coupons, which help to keep down the cost! You can buy an 18-inch grapevine wreath at Michael’s for $2.49 if you have a 50 percent off coupon (which they post about every other week online). That’s cheaper than anywhere I found online because of the cost of shipping.

DIY Fall Wreaths | Sweet As a Peach

I used a bit of imagination, lots of hot glue and florist wire, and what I thought were the prettiest flowers to create these wreaths. Some friends wanted initials on their fall wreaths, so I painted wooden letters and attached them to the wreath before adding the flowers. When I finished each wreath, I coated it with a clear protective spray paint made specifically for crafts, such as silk flowers. It will keep the colors from fading when outside (so the bottle says).

DIY Fall Wreaths | Sweet As a Peach

I enjoy making crafts so this was a nice distraction from the reality of the 9 to 5, but you’d have to really super commit if you wanted to make any money at it! Each wreath took me over an hour to create. Part of that was me being picky and moving things around, but I’m sure that with time, I’ll become more efficient. This may be the first step to a side business, but we will see how life goes! I have enough hot glue burns that I think I’ll stick with my day job for now, ha.

The wreath in the first photo was a custom order from a friend who could no longer purchase the wreath, and it is now up for sale. I’m asking $55, and I can ship to you! If you are interested, please leave a comment below and we can exchange information. 🙂

Do you have any fall decorations? What are your favorite fall crafts? I’m always looking for new ideas and I’d love some new inspiration! Happy Fall!!


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