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Before and After Backyard Makeover

Phew. This has been a long time coming. Three years, precisely.

When we first bought our house, it had been empty for over a year, and the once-beautiful yard was a jungle. Overgrown bushes, ivy everywhere, and weeds galore. We couldn’t even spend time in our yard for the first two summers we had here because of the bugs. There is one surviving rose bush that I refused to let Russell tear out, but the rest of the yard was torn out from the roots up. We took out two tri-axle loads of debris – and our yard is of the postage stamp variety. It was nuts.

But after three years, we finally have some flowers and mulch on the ground, the bugs are under control, and it’s actually an enjoyable space. I love spending time in our yard now. It’ll never be done but I’m enjoying it while it’s in progress!

Yard Makeover Before and After Pictures | Life Is Sweet As a Peach Yard Makeover Before and After Pictures | Life Is Sweet As a Peach Yard Makeover Before and After Pictures | Life Is Sweet As a Peach

After everything was torn out, we regained about eight feet of yard on one side, and another four in the back. It was well worth the effort!

We also planted sunflowers, dahlias, salvia, butterfly bush, daisies, lavender, poppies, and southern charm on this hillside, along with herbs and pumpkin and daisy gourd vines. A lilac bush and a blue flowering hydrangea were also planted to try to fill in some border holes and regain a little bit of privacy. Once the butterfly bush grow tall, we will have a pretty, flowering border at the top of our hill.

Southern Charm Flowers | Life Is Sweet as a Peach

This is called Southern Charm, or Verbascum. We started this from seed and it only recently bloomed. I didn’t think it would until next year, but it is quickly becoming my favorite flower in the garden.

Miss Mars Sunflowers | Life Is Sweet As a Peach

The deer ate my sunflowers early on, the little buggers! But where they chomped the stems, I now have three heads growing back. This one is just in the beginning stages but I hope I actually have a sunflower this year!

Lilac Bush | Life Is Sweet as as Peach

This is actually our second lilac bush. The first was killed by a late winter frost.

Purple Dahlia | Life Is Sweet as a Peach

Dahlias are one of my favorite flowers. If you look closely, there’s a tiny bug on this one!

Pumpkin vines | Life is Sweet as a peach

I’ve always wanted my own pumpkin patch, and Russell obliged. It’s taking over the back of the yard so I have to find a trellis for it, but I’m so excited for fall!

Salvia | Life Is Sweet as a Peach

If you can spot the bumblebee, you win! Salvia is really easy to grow, loves the sun, and reblooms frequently. It’s a great filler.


6 thoughts on “Before and After Backyard Makeover

    • MrsAubreyB says:

      They are pretty much full sun. It does get a little bit of morning, but I’d say that it gets from about 10 a.m. until the sun starts to set. We killed our first one – planted it in April but had that freak frost and it did a number on it. This one seems to be doing ok though, but it definitely wants the sunlight.

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