Black, White, and Purple Bridal Shower

Purple Bridal Shower Flowers in Glass Bottles | Life Is Sweet as a Peach

My oldest friend, Mallory, is getting married this September, and we recently held her bridal shower. I’ve known Mallory since 5th grade, and it’s amazing to me to think about how we’ve grown up together, comparing the children we once were to the rebellious teens we thought we were, to the adults we are now. Needless to say, I schooled the “How much do you know about Mallory? quiz at the shower. 😉

Her sisters and maids of honor, Margeaux and Brittany, planned most of the shower, but I helped with decorations – my favorite part!

Mallory’s bridal shower was officially “Fall In Love” themed, with hints of romance spread throughout. Mallory also enjoys visiting different wineries, so we used wine bottles as the centerpieces. I cleaned the bottles, removed the labels, and then spray-painted them white. Then, I hot-glued black and white striped ribbon around the neck of the bottles – the same ribbon I used for two banners I made for the shower. I didn’t know if we’d have enough bottles, so I also used looking glass spray paint and turned Starbucks Frappuccino bottles into silver mercury glass milk bottles. Recycle wisely, kids.

Instead of a traditional guestbook, we had guests write messages to Mallory on two wine bottles which she could keep and display. Her card box also was fashioned after an old wine crate, to keep with the theme. Everything was black, white, and purple, with touches of sparkle and silver. We bought varying shades of flowers – purples, blues, oranges, and corals – to add dimension. Not tooting my own horn here, but I think we did a wonderful job and it turned out beautiful. I overheard someone say there were enough flowers for a wedding. Mission accomplished!

Black and White Wine-Themed Bridal Shower Guest Book Table | Life Is Sweet as a Peach

Purple Roses and White Hydrangea Bridal Shower Flowers in Glass Bottles | Life Is Sweet as a Peach

Black and White Bridal Shower Decorations, Table Centerpieces | Life Is Sweet as a Peach

Funny story – Margeaux actually went to a winery and asked for empty wine bottles so we’d have enough for the centerpieces, and on her way home, she happened across a DUI checkpoint. Goodness. She was obviously fine, but it’s hard to explain the love of crafting sometimes! ha. Thanks, Margeaux, for risking your driving privileges!

The beautiful orange-coral flowers came from Margeaux’s yard, and their mom also had some hydrangea. The rest of the flowers came from…Trader Joe’s. They have the BEST flower choices for such an amazing price! I wish I had known this when I had my bridal shower, we were seriously ripped off!

As favors for the guests, Margeaux and Brittany made white-chocolate covered popcorn with M&Ms, which was delicious. It’s also tradition in Pennsylvania to have a cookie table at every important event, and bridal showers are not excluded! I made the funky looking ones on the bottom, right. My baking skills aren’t so up to par. They were lemon-flavored butter cookies, also known as tea cookies. Major props to the baker who made the beautiful hearts on the left.

Purple Bridal Shower Cookies, Heart Shaped | Life Is Sweet as a Peach

As I mentioned, I did some crafting for the shower. I created two banners, one which read “Bride to Be” and another which read “Fall In Love.” (Pictures of both, above and below). I also created the card box for the shower. I bought a crate at Michael’s that looked like an old wine crate, spray-painted it with chalkboard paint, and then added the glitter letters, ribbon, and chiffon flowers to the front. On the sides, I hand-lettered the bride and groom’s name and the theme of the shower. I did the same with a large wine bottle we displayed on the guest book table.

Wine Crate Chalkboard Card Box | Life Is Sweet as a Peach

Chalkboard Wine Bottle Displaying Wedding Date | Life Is Sweet as a Peach

Mallory had no idea what kind of shower we were planning – everything was a surprise to her. She seemed to be happy with how it turned out though, so I’m glad! It was a lovely day. She also rocked this gorgeous dress, which she could probably wear on her wedding day if she wanted to. She was absolutely stunning, and it wasn’t even the wedding day. I can’t wait to see her all dolled up, and I know Brandon is going to have a heart attack if yesterday was any indication of what’s to come.

Bride to Be Banner, Bride at Bridal Shower | Life Is Sweet as a Peach

Bride Receiving Flowers at Bridal Shower | Life Is Sweet as a Peach

The happy soon-to-wed couple

Colorful bridesmaids | Life Is Sweet as a Peach

The bridesmaids

Top Photo: Mallory with her mom and two sisters.  Bottom Photo: Me and Mal

Top Photo: Mallory with her mom and two sisters.
Bottom Photo: Me and my bestie, Mallory.

Congratulations, Mallory! I hope that you enjoyed your day. Thank you for letting me be a part of it, I couldn’t imagine it any other way. (And of course, glitter was involved, how could I not be happy about that?) I cannot wait until September! I’m going to bawl my eyes out when I see you in your dress. (True story, I choked up when I took the photo of her with her sisters and her mom. I took a similar photo at Margeaux’s baby shower, and taking the above made me realize how long I’ve known this family…and how much worse off my life would be without them). Love you, chica. Congratulations!!!


3 thoughts on “Black, White, and Purple Bridal Shower

  1. Mallory says:

    This is so sweet! The day was perfect, down to every detail! I appreciate all the hard work you girls put into it, I couldn’t have had a better day. I am so glad you are there for me as Brandon and I prepare for our marriage, it will be here before I know it! Love you!

    • MrsAubreyB says:

      I’m just glad you had an awesome time. You didn’t stop smiling, not once! You’re going to be a beautiful bride, Mal! Especially after being a total hottie mc-hotterson yesterday 😉 I can’t wait for the big day!

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