DIY Apron Hanging Nook – Kitchen Storage Options

I can’t resist a cute apron, especially a seasonal one — my mother-in-law knows this, she always gets me adorable holiday aprons — so I’ve ended up with quite a few of them, and no where to put them. Until recently, they’ve been rolled up and shoved in the bottom of a kitchen cupboard, which doesn’t really make for great access in a hurry.

We have a bit of a strange nook in our kitchen, where there’s a built-in pantry and two doors, one for a broom closet and the other for the basement. Because the doors have to be opened/closed, there isn’t room to put much shelving or storage in this space. Except for high up on the wall, which is where Rusty recently hung my apron hanging contraption.

Apron Hanging Nook, Kitchen Linen Storage Solution | Life Is Sweet as a Peach

I bought those knobs at Pier 1 probably over a year ago at this point, intending to make my own piece of wood/shelf for them to go in. But while we were at TJ Maxx recently, Russell found this orange knobbed board – it was the perfect color orange (to match my KitchenAid mixer!) but the knobs were ugly.

We bought it anyways, and Russell replaced the knobs for me with the ones I liked.

Orange and Blue Kitchen Decor, Country Vintage Kitchen Decorations | Life Is Sweet as a Peach

By now you should know sweet tea and biscuits and gravy are my two favorite food groups, so when I saw these signs at Kirklands, I had to have them. Our kitchen has mint-green walls, which were that way when we moved in. I said I was going to repaint them, as well as the cabinets, and haven’t gotten that far. Luckily, the orange and blue I chose to decorate the space with tone down the green. The iced tea sign further muted it. Funny how things work out that way.

I’m fairly happy with this new little addition to our kitchen, especially how it sets the sort of country-vintage style I was going for. I’ve waited awhile to have this up, and the wait was worth it!

PS – Props to my bestie, Rose, who gave me the apron hanging in these photos. It’s awesome, because cooking conversions are printed on it UPSIDE DOWN – which means you can grab the apron bottom, lift it to look at, and everything is right-side-up for you, the cook. Most convenient present I think I’ve ever received, actually.



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