Decorating With Gallery Walls

I have a sort-of talent for collecting different items, years apart, and having them come together in the end so it looks like I did everything on purpose. In other words, I’m thisclose to being a hoarder, but I somehow pull it off.

I think the secret is to buying what you LIKE – and not getting caught up in this whole, oh, but will it match? Is it the right color? Will Pinterest approve? thing. That’s how a house becomes a home – when it’s a hodgepodge of things that represent you! If you like that lime green teacup and vintage mailbox, I say go for it. Decorate how you like!

For example, I always wanted a gray living room with an orange couch. We painted our walls, and everyone who sees them thinks they are purple. It’s ok – we like them and that’s what matters. When I first started decorating our house, I desperately wanted it to look like the Practical Magic house on the inside, with a rustic twist. We ended up with a lot of mercury glass, mirrors, and antique-looking items. I’m not sure I succeeded but whatever the style is now, it suits us.

Recently, because mpix had a 25% off sale, I bought a large gallery canvas of a photo I took when we visited Savannah last spring. It’s very southern-themed and when we hung it above our couch, it kind of changed the way the room looked. I decided I had too many knick-knacks hanging about, so we bought shelves to go along either side of the canvas. Today I finished building the gallery wall above the couch, with the canvas as a focal point:

gallery wall above couch

gallery wall above couch

We also added a gallery wall going up our staircase almost as soon as we moved in, but we changed a few things around and added more artwork and miscellanious pieces.

gallery wall up staircase

The “Live With Passion” print is my newest addition and also my favorite. The artist is Katie Daisy, and her Etsy shop is called The Wheatfield. Her artwork makes me think of being a child again, innocent and carefree. I love it.

Before we placed everything on the shelves, I laid out each object on our couch and mixed and matched until I thought I had the right mix of colors, designs, and textures. We hung the mirrors on the wall with nails to help support their weight, and I may end up doing the same with a few picture frames. I didn’t use photo shelves, just ones we found at Home Depot (so there isn’t a ledge to keep items from falling off the front).

I like it today, and may change it tomorrow, ha! What do you think?




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