pink blooms

Our Front Porch Is Blooming

When we bought our house in 2011, it had been empty for over a year and the landscaping was pretty awful. Everything was overgrown and trying to prune it back would have left us with nothing but bare branches. Following some very helpful advice from our realtor, we let everything go for a year to see if anything pretty would blossom and be worth keeping.

It was a long and lonely year for our poor yard.

We took the plunge last Memorial Day weekend, tearing out two tri-axle loads of landscaping. We’ve slowly been replanting, starting with the front and moving our way to the back. This spring is the first time that we actually have landscaping that is blooming! It’s not as lush as I’d like it to be yet, but it’s a start, and I’m proud of it.

On our one-year wedding anniversary, we planted a tree to celebrate and mark the occasion. You know, watch it grow as our life together grows, yadda yadda. It’s an Eastern Redbud, and has pretty yellow leaves in the fall.

anniversary tree eastern redbud

You shovel that dirt, hubs.

But now, it has the most delicate pink blossoms forming.

eastern redbud

eastern redbud tree

We also planted tulips, and they actually came up – win!

purple tulip with raindrop

We had the first of many spring thunderstorms today. I went out after the rain stopped and was able to take this shot of a raindrop trailing down one of our tulips.

purple tulips with raindrops

The one thing I do hate our about house is how red it is – red brick, red trim, we even have red gutters – and it’s hard to decorate because I really don’t want to add MORE red. The only time I love it is during Christmas. It ends up looking straight out of the North Pole and I don’t mind that one bit. 🙂

So if you can’t match…contrast! I love decorating with blues and purples, and this spring I had a blue hydrangea wreath made from a local floral artist. It matches an heirloom ice cream parlor chair that I painted bright turquoise last year. (At one point, my family owned a bar and grille – and we have sets of these old metal chairs left over from the “good ol days.” It makes a great planter stand).

spring front porch decorations


ice cream chair plant stand

A little piece of history with a little bit of life. ❤

Our neighbors also have a lovely tree that hangs over on to our yard, but I don’t mind, because it has beautiful pink blossoms in the spring.

pink blooms

branch of pink blooms

It’s so nice to see our landscaping grow and transform our house into a place of our own – our home. It takes a lot of work, but seeing new life grow around you makes it worth it.



3 thoughts on “Our Front Porch Is Blooming

  1. greenmackenzie says:

    Your neighbours tree looks like a Japanese Dogwood…we have one but the flowers are more subdued…cream and green 🙂
    Lovely to plant a tree as a marker…..we put one in our front garden in memory of my grandmother when she died.

    • MrsAubreyB says:

      I’ve been calling it a magnolia for three years, haha. ☺️I’m sure if I just asked they’d be able to tell me, but then I wouldn’t have had a nice person like you fill me in.

      That’s a nice thing to do to remember your grandma. I’m a fan! Thanks for sharing!

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