Lilac Love and Country Drives

Warning: bragging of warm weather (in April! In Pennsylvania!) ahead.

It was 80+ degrees today. We basically went straight from polar vortexes to summer. Except, it’s going to snow on Tuesday night. So my bragging isn’t really all that effective, but it was still an absolutely enjoyable day.

It also happened to be our 1.5 year wedding anniversary, so it was almost like the weather was a gift to help us celebrate. And celebrate we did; on our year anniversary mark, we planted a tree in front of our house. Coincidently, with absolutely no planning whatsoever, we planted a lilac bush today.

lilac bush

Planting a new lilac bush in spring.

We also took the time to do one of our favorite things – go for a Sunday drive. One of our favorite places to frequent is a local farm – they have a nursery, indoor farmer’s market, petting zoo (if only I was 4 again), and hay rides. It’s a short, but nice drive to get there, so we hopped in the truck and decided to visit. We had no intention of buying any plants today, but then I walked past lilac bushes which were already blooming, and they smelled so good…yep, it happened.

Last Memorial Day, we tore out a lot of overgrown foliage from our yard. Our house sat empty for over a year before we bought it, and prior to that, an elderly man lived here, and he was unable to keep up with the yard. It was probably once truly beautiful, but everything was overgrown. We filled two tri-axles with what we tore out, and trust me, we do NOT have that big of a yard.

This summer, we’re starting to fill everything back in. The lilac bush replaced an old hedge that was dead, strangled by grapevine. I hope it grows large enough to provide some privacy as well.

On Saturday, we had some clippings we took back to my father-in-law’s in the country to dump, because apparently, in the fancy schmancy community we live in, you’re not allowed to burn. That rule took some getting used to.

But that also meant we got to take the truck four-wheeling on a red dog road, and I spent the afternoon in this gorgeous sunshine:


You can take a girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of a girl.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make life the sweetest. We don’t always need fancy dinner reservations to enjoy ourselves. Sometimes, a little mud on the tires and dirt under the nails can be the best thing a girl can ask for.

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